10 Must Eat Street Food items in Delhi


When you try the lovely food of Delhi, your love for the city would become double. The food items have so vast variety that it’s very difficult to choose what to eat 1st.

1. Chole Bhature at Sita Ram at Paharganj

The chole bhathure of paharganj is one of the oldest and famous places of Delhi. If you want to have the best Bhathure chole in the country, Delhi is the best place to have. One cannot have better Chole Bhature then of Sita Ram at Paharganj. It’s very old and famous Bhature Chole shop of delhi.

2. Poori Aloo at Chaina Ram in Chandni Chowk

This dish is famous for its spices and is made for the ones who love to eat the spicy food. If you are in Delhi and have never tried this, then you are really missing something very special. The poori aloo of chaina ram is quite famous and economical, public prefers them the most.

3. Rolls at Taste Drive at Rajouri Garden

The best part of the capital is that you will get the one of the best Rolls of the country. From Kathi Roll to double egg chicken Roll, you will get lots of roll at the taste drive, Rajouri Garden. It’s the one of the best food item to eat in Delhi, one cannot miss this one!!!!!

4. Kulfi at Roshan di Kulfi in Karol Bagh

For all the dessert lovers, roshan di kulfi is one of the best places to try the Kulfi. It’s very famous place to eat the kulfi. Kulfi is added with almonds and dry fruits which makes it yummier and is the best to eat in summers. One cannot ignore this Dessert.

5. Kebabs of Chawla’s at Tilak Nagar

Kebabs are the one the best food of Delhi. The flavor of these kebabs so yummy and you will get a huge variety of kebabs. These Kebabs would remind you like Nawabs. The Kebabs of Chawla is just one of the finest kebabs in the city. Eating Kebabs with chutney makes it so yummier!!!!!!!!!

6. Parantha’s at Paranthe wali Gali

The best way to start your day in Delhi is to eat the tasty Parantha’s and when you are at Paranthe wali Gali, and then you should try this lovely Parantha’s. One start loving these Parantha’s so much after seeing it. From Egg Parantha to Pizza Parantha, there is lots of variety at Parantha wali gali. Choose your favorite Parantha!!!!!!!

7. Moth Kachori at Paharganj

If you ever visited to Delhi, must try Moth Kachori. That’s my personal favorite. If you like to eat spicy food, then you must try Moth Kachori once. It’s spicy and so Mouth-watering. You will easily get this at lots of small stalls in Paharganj. Even you can try this at Chandni Chownk.

8. Samosa’s at Tilak Munjal in Pitampura

If you like to eat samosa’s with hot n spicy chickpeas, and then you must try it once at Tilak Munjal. That’s the one of the best place to eat crispy Samosas with spicy chickpeas. After eating Samosa’s at Tilak Munjal, you will forget the Samosa’s of every place. If you are planning to visit in Delhi, make sure this place in your plan!!!!!

9. Chaat at Bishnoi Swaroop Chaat, Chandni Chowk

If you are a true Delhi wala, then going to Swaroop is compulsory. They just have 3 kinds of Chaat, Aloo chaat, Aloo kulla and Fruit chaat, but you will not get better chaat than this place. It’s so tasty and heavy that one loves to eat and make the capacity of stomach fill. You just cannot miss this lovely chaat!!!!!!

10. Lovely Jalebi at Jalebi wala in Chandni Chowk

How can we forget the Jalebi’s? It is the most important part of street food of Delhi. It’s in the heart of people of Delhi to eat the Jalebi’s and best part is that it changes your mood with positivity. The Jalebi’s of Jalebi wala is one of the finest Jalebi in the Delhi, all should try this. You can’t resist yourself anymore from this Lovely Jalebi’s!!!!!!!!


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